W3C Standards are royalty-free to implement and do not require W3C Membership to use. If your organization has specific requirements you'd like to see addressed by web standards, then joining the World Wide Web Consortium to be part of the work is the best way to achieve that.

J. Alan Bird, W3C Global Business Development Lead

Quick list of Member benefits

  • Participate in any group
  • Shape web technology
  • Propose new technology
  • Standardize your ideas
  • Participate in Member fora
  • Meet, interact with leaders
  • Promotion opportunities

Who can join W3C?

All types of organizations (including commercial, educational and governmental entities), for-profit or not-for-profit, may join the World Wide Web Consortium. They may be developing web-based products, using web technologies as an enabling medium, conducting research on the web, or developing specifications based on W3C work.

W3C's processes are designed for organizational participation, and there isn't a class of Membership for individuals. Public participation in W3C is possible in a number of ways other than as an individual Member.

Membership fees

In order to promote a diverse Membership that represents the interests of organizations around the world, W3C Membership fees vary depending on the annual revenues, type, and location of headquarters of an organization.

In the W3C Members own words

The following benefits are the most important to W3C Members themselves.